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In Process
Conversations about business in the 21st century

Host Evelyn Ashley brings you conversations with business experts featuring new ideas, tools and techniques to help you and your business grow and succeed. Business involves constant change and challenges, so it's good to have Trusted Counsel on your side.

Presented by Atlanta-based law firm Trusted Counsel.

Nov 25, 2015

In this day of heads down focus on smart devices and pcs, the best way to develop business is still with a handshake and eye contact!  Join Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon of Trusted Counsel for a reprise of this popular podcast with their guests Ricky Steele, Chief Development Officer of Delta Global Staffing and

Nov 18, 2015

Is The Art of Conversation Something of the Past?

How does Technology Harm Our Interpersonal Relationships?  Join Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon with and our guest experts, Elaine Rosenblum, Founder of ProForm U and Jodi Fleisig, Senior Vice President of Media Strategy & Relations for Porter Novelli to discuss how our...

Nov 10, 2015

The action-oriented conclusion to our show on a topic that should be critical to all businesses - Data Breach.  Join Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon of Trusted Counsel as they speak with guest experts Trey James, co-founder & CEO of Xcentric and Jeff Portis, assistant Vice President & CyberSecurity Specialist of Chubb...

Nov 3, 2015

Almost every contract has privacy data requirements.  In a lot of cases, the company is trying to figure out what they are required to protect and how can they protect it.  A lot of news these days about Anthem, Target and Home Depot data breaches. If the big corporations can’t protect information, how can mid-size...